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January 2020 – A New Vision For The Clinic

As we begin 2020 I always use this dark time to reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t worked in the Clinic setting.

One of my hopes for setting up the new clinic was some attempt to incorporate some more environmentally friendly processes. What this threw up was how complicated assessing what was more environmentally friendly!

Tech vs Paper

The carbon footprint of both comes from such dissimilar processes that it was difficult to assess but I found this article very helpful (https://slate.com/technology/2011/09/paper-versus-the-ipad-is-taking-notes-on-a-tablet-computer-or-a-notepad-more-environmentally-responsible.html) and plumped to use a tablet, as I use all tech to it’s very end long beyond the ‘new’ version. The problem is furthered with chiropractic patient notes as after 7 years they need to be shredded and shredded paper cannot be easily recycled.

Couch roll vs washing couch covers

I decided to opt for recycled couch roll over increased laundry requirements for couch covers. It is a fantastic brand. I worried about the brown colour not looking ‘clinical’ enough but what it means is that there are no bleaching processes used on this paper.
I also love the fact the clinic is next to Loose on Lansdown, which means I can get my loose leaf tea refills super easy!

As Chiropractic is a therapy that uses very little materials there are a limited amount of areas to make a change. I hope I have started well and am always keen to hear how I can make Wellcome Back Chiropractic greener.