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Reviews for Wellcome Back Chiropractic Clinic

McTimoney Chiropractic in Stroud

"If you feel tired and your body aches, visit Rebecca, the McTimoney Chiropractor.   After a treatment with Rebeccca, you will feel so much better.  Rebecca is lovely and warm and friendly and has the magic touch to make your aches and pains disappear and your body feels good again.   She is very informative about your body  and diet and the state of your health.  I really appreciate that Rebecca gave me Yoga exercises to do at home so that I could keep up her good work inbetween appointments.  I highly recommend Rebecca as a very fine practitioner of McTimoney Chiropractic."

- M.Leese, Nailsworth

"Rebecca has been my friend and chiropractor for over ten years and I recommend her to anyone who experiences any kind of ache or pain in their back or neck. She has treated me and my daughter (6 years old) very effectively. I see my treatments with Rebecca as an essential part of my approach to staying fit and healthy, and so I go to see her to fix any minor aches/grumbles before they develop into something more serious.

What I love about Rebecca is that she never stops learning, and takes a holistic approach. As a result she applies a wide range of techniques and knowledge to her work, which I think makes her extremely effective at helping people to heal."

- KB

“Having had a back problem for nearly 20 years, I had somewhat learned to live with the discomfort and pain after various other treatments had failed to help. However, having heard good reviews of Rebecca and her clinic, I booked an appointment and hoped for the best.

The clinic is in a lovely spot, right next to cheap car parking and a short walk from Bromley town centre and both Bromley South and Shortlands train stations. The clinic environment is calm and relaxing and I was made to feel at home by their very friendly, professional and close-knit therapy family – people obviously enjoy working here!
I was impressed by the depth of my first appointment and Rebecca explained everything as she went along – I learnt a lot!

Rebecca’s McTimoney technique was somewhat new to me and I immediately felt some benefits. Incredibly, two treatments later my 20 year back pain was almost completely gone. I had been impressed by Rebecca’s knowledge so I followed her post-treatment instructions and returned for two more sessions.

My pain is now 99% reduced, I sleep better than I have done for years and my posture has improved. I am a complete convert to McTimoney and The Natural Health Hut; I could not be more impressed or pleased and I cannot recommend this place highly enough.”

- Lee, Bromley

"I recently attended Rebecca's clinic suffering from leg and hip pain. She provides a calm and comfortable environment in which to practice her treatment and which is easily accessible by transport. Patients are assessed with a respectful and knowledgeable professionalism followed by treatment which proceeds with dignity and thoroughness. After a number of sessions she helped me to put in place some life changes and finally helped to guide me through my decision on surgery which has proved a success."

- Teresa Y

"Rebecca has been treating me for over 2 years for lower back and leg pain and I find her style friendly and professional. Thanks to her excellent treatment I visit her less frequently as the pain has almost disappeared.

Rebecca gets to know her clients personally and is happy to give general health and lifestyle advice, something I've found invaluable.
I've found Rebecca to be of extremely high integrity - she only suggests appointments when she feels that there will be a benefit to my health from having a session.

I can't recommend Rebecca highly enough - she provides a first-rate service."

- James B

"Rebecca seems to have magic in her fingertips. Correcting my poor body is no easy task and yet Rebecca was not only up to the challenge but has maintained it for me so I can lead a much more comfortable life. Having lost my hearing in one ear the consultants gave up on getting it back but Rebecca worked on it and gradually fixed the problem until one day I could suddenly hear again. I cannot recommend her treatment highly enough. Even if you have doubts, give it a try. You could not be in a safer pair of hands."

- Ruth J

"For several years, I’ve suffered from restrictive movement in my hips and pelvis, osteo arthritis and occasional back and neck problems but, thanks to Rebecca’s professional treatments I’ve managed to remain virtually pain free and able to move comfortably all this time. Then, having moved several heavy items when we bought our new home, I was left with an extremely painful sciatic nerve, and despite visiting several different practitioners in my new area, was completely unable to gain any relief. Thankfully, a brief return visit to West Wickham recently allowed me to see Rebecca again and her ‘magic
touch’ soon sorted out the problem which proved to me just how exceptionally good and effective she is. Selfishly, I really wish she’d move down here to so that I could continue to rely on her treatments to keep me going! "

- Ms S, Shirley

"I would like to say I had treatment for a problem on my left knee, and the treatment and care was excellent. I would highly recommend this service to others."

- Pamela Grant, Shirley

"With her holistic skills and abilities Rebecca has not only straightened out my spine but has also worked with me to straighten out the entire body, which was all out compensating for the twist and curve in the spine. There's also a little bit of magic available for those who are open to it.

I am so thankful that I found Rebecca. I've been visiting her regularly for a number of years now and could not be more pleased with the progress we've made together. Never have I experienced any pain or discomfort because of a visit to her, but I have been relieved of a great deal of pain and discomfort because of her skills. I could not recommend her to anyone more highly.

Rebecca, words can hardly express my gratitude for all that you've done for me, which is nothing less than a complete restoration. You have my deepest admiration, trust and respect."

- Govinda, Godstone

"I have visited Rebecca at various times since she started her clinic 12 years ago, at a time when my hip was so uncomfortable that I assumed that I was heading for a hip replacement. But a friend had suggested I should go to a McTimoney chiropractor as a first step. Rebecca diagnosed a mis-alignment of my pelvis and fixed the problem within about four treatments. I have continued to visit her from time to time for maintenance and, for example, after I fell awkwardly and hurt my shoulder, or have had back pain.

Rebecca carefully listens to how I am feeling and I never feel rushed. Her holistic style of diagnosis and treatment generally also includes a "full service" as she checks alignment of my back vertebrae, shoulders, and knees and other joints making any necessary adjustments. Compared with standard chiropractic treatments, McTimoney is very gentle but amazingly effective."

- Gill