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Beginners Yoga Classes in Stroud

People often use the excuse they “don’t do” yoga as they aren’t very flexible and my answer is that’s exactly the reason you should.

Rebecca’s Wellcome Yoga is about discovering what your body can do, how to get it moving naturally and experience that connection to your physical body that you have probably forgotten existed!

Rebecca runs small classes relevant for beginners and beyond. Each class is 1 hour and covers working on novel movement and building strength and flexibility through yoga.

In order to attend you need to book online and complete a short assessment form to make sure that you are accommodated for in each session.


Thursday 11th January 2024 – Thursday 8th February then 22nd February to 21st March in the Lansdown Hall, Stroud 8-9pm

Tuesday 9th January 2024 – Tuesday 6th February then 20th February to 19th March in Stroud Brewery loft, 12.30-1.30pm


These classes are designed for beginners and returners to yoga practice.

The class is an hour long and is broken into four sections. We warm up by moving in novel ways to wake up our systems. We then move onto specific stretching and strengthening that preps us for my guided 15 min flow section. The flow is nice and easy with music to engage the brain in a different way to stretching and strengthening. We finish with relaxation and breath work to calm our systems back down.

This term is all about joint stability.

Stability is how we safely transmit force from the body to the influence the outside world. As infants we have developed movement patterns that can help move safely through the world. However, through increased sedentary movement and injury we often lose this ability. So this term we will revisit some of these movement patterns through yoga asanas (poses), breathwork and bandhas (including pelvic floor), which lend themselves beautifully to improving these patterns.

Please bring your own mats and wear loose comfortable clothing.

£12 per class. Click here to book online

If you wish to book the whole term it will be £50 to be paid at the start of term ( for a 5 week term), so just £10 a class, however if you miss one it is non- refundable.



"Rebecca is excellent. She really takes care of her students making sure they are doing the poses the way they should be, without hurting themselves and you don’t feel under pressure to do the pose if you think it may be difficult for you. She will always give you an alternative pose which will be simplified. You leave feeling strong but completely relaxed. Would totally recommend her to anyone new or
not to yoga."

- H. Murphy



"I have attended a 6 weeks yoga course with Rebecca and absolutely loved it. The class size was pretty small which made sure Rebecca was able to spend time and watch every single of us to make sure the asanas were perfect. And on the completion of the course I was sent a personalised video of asanas that I should be using in order to improve my lower back pain. Overall, I highly recommend Rebecca's yoga course as it was fun, relaxing and very useful for my aches and pains!"

- O. Kudrick