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Why Should I Move

For most of us sitting is how we conduct our work lives, at the laptop, monitor, meeting table even on calls at the desk, on zoom.

In fact it is how we spend a lot of our leisure time too, watching a bit of telly, getting absorbed in a computer game, socialising we tend to culturally do all that sitting down.

CHECK IN MOMENT – the above relates to the western way of lift and we have to bear in mind most of the research is conducted in Europe or the USA giving us a biased view of how the whole of the human population spend their time.

The statistics show that as adults we spend up to 70% of our time sitting or lying still, and that’s 30% more than our 1960’s family.

It only gets worse as we age with our elderly population being sedentary for 80% of their time.

But why is that an issue?

Well current research suggests that the more you sit still the higher your risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes type 2 and certain cancers.


That’s not all.

Increasing your physical activity has been shown through research to:

•Reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety

•Enhance thinking, learning, and judgment skills

•Ensure healthy growth and development in young people

•Improve overall well-being

•Reduce risk of death by 20-30%

Ok we get it we need to move more but I go to the gym / dance class/ running / gardening / zombie apocalypse training (you never know!) twice a week, so I am ok right?

Well of course that’s awesome and you’ll benefit loads from it but in order to undo a day of sitting you will need to be doing 30-40 mins minimum of moderate to vigorous physical activity every day.

The Good News

Phew so what is now emerging in current research is that total physical activity is important including light intensity movement. So increasing your overall movement will help.

“Hey Google, find nearest zombie apocalyspe training camps”, actually I’ll do it on my phone then I can walk the dog at the same time 😉