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February – The Month of ‘Love Your Spine!’

As the seemingly longest month in the year comes to a close, one of my most favourite months is about to begin.

February – the shortest month of winter and the last before glorious spring!

Valentine’s day, minus the commercialism, can help us to remember the importance of love, our loved ones, friends, nature, love of movement, things that bring us joy such as hobbies we’ve forgotten.

Pancakes are a very popular dish in our house and not one we have often enough. So Shrove Tuesday is a great excuse for us all to get together as a family to make the batter and enjoy a lemon and honey breakfast.

My birthday – I think birthdays are great way to focus on yourself for a moment. Often we are so busy we forget that bit of self care and the celebration of another year of life reminds us that our mental and physical health should take a front seat.

Snowdrops, daffodils and buds all busting out enticing us to moving more outdoors and perhaps getting into the garden.

And there is still the possibility of snow – which I know isn’t everyone’s favourite, as they worry about falls and slipping. But I love the snow and the hush that descends with the magical vista of heavily laden trees.

So with all this love for this month I thought I would share some of that good feeling and offer all initial appointments at half price at £30 and all follow up appointments taken in February at £30 instead of £42.

Love your spine and book online!