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Embracing Active Sitting for Everyday Health

By Rebecca Johnson | April 26, 2024

Did you know you have squatting facets in your ankles? I mean it has been such a predominant way of sitting we actually have an anatomical peculiarity to accommodate it (Lieberman 2021). And yet how long can you squat for? Those of us in the western hemisphere have become so fond of our chairs that … Read more

Why Should I Move

By Rebecca Johnson | November 7, 2023

For most of us sitting is how we conduct our work lives, at the laptop, monitor, meeting table even on calls at the desk, on zoom. In fact it is how we spend a lot of our leisure time too, watching a bit of telly, getting absorbed in a computer game, socialising we tend to … Read more

I wish I could hibernate in winter – be more Dormouse?

By Rebecca Johnson | December 10, 2020

When the days draw in and it is cold outside, my instinct is to fill up on fattening food and curl up and sleep more. I have always wondered from an evolutionary point of view what our relationship is with hibernation or to be more precise torpor, the metabolic slowing down during winter that such … Read more

15 Years in Practice – McTimoney Chiropractic

By Rebecca Johnson | March 7, 2020

The 28th February 2020 marked a very special day in my diary. It means I have been a graduate of McTimoney Chiropractic College for 15 years. As the day approached it gave me a chance to reflect on those 15 years in practice. I remember the absolute excitement of going out and setting up a … Read more

February – The Month of ‘Love Your Spine!’

By Rebecca Johnson | February 6, 2020

As the seemingly longest month in the year comes to a close, one of my most favourite months is about to begin. February – the shortest month of winter and the last before glorious spring! Valentine’s day, minus the commercialism, can help us to remember the importance of love, our loved ones, friends, nature, love … Read more

January 2020 – A New Vision For The Clinic

By Rebecca Johnson | January 26, 2020

As we begin 2020 I always use this dark time to reflect on what has worked and what hasn’t worked in the Clinic setting. One of my hopes for setting up the new clinic was some attempt to incorporate some more environmentally friendly processes. What this threw up was how complicated assessing what was more … Read more

setting up wellcome back chiropractic clinic chiropractor stroud

Setting Up

By Rebecca Johnson | November 28, 2019

Having spent the last 15 years setting up and running my chiropractic clinic in Bromley, Kent it feels very strange to be back at the beginning of setting up a new clinic all over again. But what an absolutely beautiful town and surrounds to do it in. Stroud won our family’s heart in one day … Read more