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15 Years in Practice – McTimoney Chiropractic

The 28th February 2020 marked a very special day in my diary.

It means I have been a graduate of McTimoney Chiropractic College for 15 years. As the day approached it gave me a chance to reflect on those 15 years in practice.

I remember the absolute excitement of going out and setting up a in a small room above a health clinic and then the terrifying moment of actually sitting down with my first patient to see in what way I could help them!

Along the way I have met some incredible people in clinic and their stories and determination to get well never fail to amaze me. This is one of my most favourite parts of being a chiropractor, is the privilege to get to know and work with the public on a one to one basis.

My other joy of the work I do is continuing to learn.

There is so much to know and learn along the way and I still feel like I could spend every minute of every day reading and still there would be more to know!

I had a little think about the courses I had covered in the last 15 years, from peripheral joint manipulation, one of my first real courses outside college that I still use little ‘gems’ from today. To many, many days of Applied Kinesiology training. The subject still blows my mind and feel I have only scratched the surface with it. Kinesio taping, my 3.5 year British Wheel of Yoga Training and many other standalone courses on the way.

My current favourite topics of study are Natural Movement, Pain Science and healing within community. And whilst I plough my through books, articles, podcasts and seminars I always love to discuss these with you – my patients, who always have a wealth of knowledge to pass on to me too.

So I feel excited about what the next 15 years in practice will bring in through the clinic door and what knowledge I can gain to help patients gain the wellness they desire.