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Setting Up

Having spent the last 15 years setting up and running my chiropractic clinic in Bromley, Kent it feels very strange to be back at the beginning of setting up a new clinic all over again.

But what an absolutely beautiful town and surrounds to do it in. Stroud won our family’s heart in one day and we decided to up and move myself, husband, two small children, dog and two cats to the stunning Chalford area.

However, this meant starting again with my clinic. It is so different this time, compared to my first clinic, with the popularity of social media as a form of advertising and your ‘online presence’ of great importance. Previously, I would have popped an ad in yellow pages and that was all you needed to do!

I was very lucky to stumble across two fantastic people very quickly in Stroud. One was the lovely Sarah from Ownzone on Lansdown road, who runs beautiful ad hoc therapy rooms and is where I now run my beginners yoga classes. The second was Will my landlord, who quickly prepared my downstairs room at Chedworth house at 8 Lansdown and has made every effort to help me get the room ready for patients.

I am so happy to have a room that is downstairs, as those with severe back pain or mobility issues know being presented with a set of stairs when visiting a practitioner can add a lot of additional stress.